Billing integrations
made seamless 

Flexible and easy-to-use solution for building seamless offline billing and checkout experiences with Pine Labs PoS terminals. 

Billing integration modes

Explore our flexible integration options to tailor your experience. 


Involves accepting Payments through your billing system using Pine Labs PoS terminals via cable, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth. 

No Proximity

Offers a convenient solution for serving customers remotely, ideal for on-the-go transactions.

App to App

Allows you to run your billing application on the Pine Labs Android terminals and integrate with your preferred payment applications. 

Server to Server

Allows you to the direct connection between your server and the Pine Labs payment application using APIs.  


Gifting and Loyalty Solutions

Serve customers better 

  • Empower cashiers with user-friendly integrated point-of-sale systems, freeing up time for sales managers and cashiers with faster, automated transactions. 

Error free environment 

  • Foster trust and loyalty by ensuring accurate billing, leading to a seamless point-of-sale experience. 
best PoS system in all cities
Grow your customer and busines though Pine Labs Analytics & Insights

Faster checkouts 

  • Accelerate checkout times and reduce queues by offering swift and convenient payment options, minimizing wait times at cash counters. 

Easier reconciliation 

  • Streamlined reconciliation processes expedite the closing of financial periods, improving cash flow management and decision-making.  
best PoS system in all cities

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