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By Dinesh Sharma | April 04, 2019 | 4 min read

What do customers expect today when it comes to payments? The ability to pay anytime, anywhere. They expect more digital and fewer cash options. They look ahead to pay with any and every device. They want credit and affordability options across devices.

With the emergence of open platforms for payment integration, developers are leveraging a collaborative ecosystem that takes care of customers’ heightened expectations. Be it convenience, speed or affordability.

Payment platforms innovate to accommodate this convenience-led consumer behavior. As a developer, all you need to do is focus on building your application, integrate with innovative open APIs and deliver your solution.

Here’s how you can benefit:

1) Gain access to unique merchant and consumer insights

Payments platforms have access to insights from merchant needs, information on evolving customer expectations and unique business cases. Through open APIs, merchant insights on customer behavior, preferences and spending patterns become available to every developer, not just a select few. The platform is continuously updated, and innovative features are built to support evolving requirements.

2) Discover and integrate uses that you may have never envisioned

Payments platforms support a wide variety of use cases and are designed with an outside-in approach. You can learn from the range of use cases, assess the functionality of the API and start building for use cases you may not have envisaged earlier, within minutes.

3) Deliver a seamless payment process and integrated user experience

Payment platforms focus a lot on the API user experience. APIs are built to access app components seamlessly. The delivery of services and information is flexible. This guarantees a seamless payment process and an integrated user experience.

So, when you use an open API, you can focus on your business workflow and leverage APIs for innovative payment features.

At Pine Labs, we believe a payment platform must take a comprehensive 360-degree view of all stakeholders. It must provide merchants with seamless transactions, as well as ensure delightful and personalized experiences for end-customers and developers with ease of integration.

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