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Hello World! What opening our payments platform means to you?

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By Dinesh Sharma | March 27, 2019 | 3 min read

Nearly 100,000 merchants use applications that have been built using our proprietary payments technology stack. Be it brand EMIs or flexible connectors, our platform offers features that have been created from insights and experiences of merchants, both large and small.

Today, we have opened our payment APIs. We have extensive experience of working with merchant developers across their diverse payment and billing integration needs. This has enabled us to add unique features and functionality on the platform, relevant to the merchants, that has in turn helped us to grow manifold.

We are excited to announce that the Pine Labs platform is now available for all developers to build cross-platform payment experiences.

Our objective is:

  • To enable you to focus on your unique app functionality and surround it with fully-functional, easy to integrate, distributed processes.
  • To provide a do-it-yourself, resource-rich environment where you can experiment, share your experiences and contribute to our open API community.

You can start with reading our developer documentation page or start building and submitting apps right away on the ‘My Apps’ page. We've also included functionality to add test plans to support you with your specific testing and integration needs.

As part of our platform's open-API availability, we have several features to help you focus on your core business workflow and not worry about payments:

  • Cloud-based payment infrastructure.
  • Open API driven digital platform with troubleshooting via remote access.
  • Remote management of all upgrades and services with over 100 forms of payments via a single terminal.
  • Security certifications & compliance including PCI DSS V3.2.1, PA DSS V3.2, VISA PIN certification - PCI PIN V2.0 with KIF & RKI, RBI-PPI SAR and ITGC.

Along with the above, we're continually making improvements to support and enhance broad and open API availability.

On behalf of our developer team, we thank our merchant partners who have helped us evolve our payments platform to what it is today. This is just the beginning, and we're looking forward to building the future of payments together.

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