POS Controller

POS Controller is software that offers a user-friendly interface for integrators. It allows them to scan and set up various communication modes (IP and COM), manage logging, and configure other communication settings.

The merchant billing application can connect to the Pos Controller by using the localhost on port 8082.

POS Controller is integrated with POS Lib to communicate with POS Bridge over IP and COM.

POS Controller is compatible only with Windows and Linux operating systems.


POS Lib is a library designed for direct integration on Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS platforms.

POS Lib provides the same API specification for all platforms.

For direct integration, the billing application should utilize the POSLib APIs exposed in the respective libraries for Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux.

POS Bridge

POS Bridge is an Android application designed to coexist with the Pine Labs Payment application on Android payment terminals.

It handles and processes all requests from merchant billing applications.

POS Bridge is versatile and accepts connections over various modes, including IP, COM, and Bluetooth (BT).

Additionally, POS Bridge can be configured to function as a Terminal Simulator, offering flexibility in testing and development scenarios.